Sunday January 28th 2018

Sunday January 28th 2018

Anadi and I hadn’t run together for weeks and weeks… In fact all my running has been done sola… I love running alone; but I also love running with people I am close too…

it is a lovely way to be together, running along side by side, the miles flowing by… Speaking or being silent together.

The day looked cloudy and overcast; but once running we found out it was a warm warm day – the sun filtered through and all was wonderful! We ran towards Chilches, where Anadi’s father owned a house for awhile…

8k out and 8k back again…. !6k in all

I had ordered some Xero Shoes as I want to feel free to run on all terrain and I am not sure that my soles will ever get tough enough for really rocky roads… I was going to wait until after I have run ‘Barefoot Across Spain’, but Anadi suggested I try them out now…

And they were brilliant! I loved them. i wore them for 4k then ran completely barefoot for another 8k, then put them on for the last 4k to home…

They are certainly a ‘find’ and I now feel all paths are open to me again!


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