Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Tuesday January 23rd 2018

I rose late again… I am well and truly into the Spanish rhythm of late to bed, late to rise; late to eat every meal…

But not late – because I am España!

I ran in the opposite direction today and as the first few miles are on a stony trail I again elected to ear my skinners socks… It was still quite ouchie in them!

I loved my run. It feels that the whole landscape lends itself for me to just run and run.

Today I covered 19.3 kilometres and I then I ran to the ‘training bars’ on the beach, where three men were exercising. I stopped by to practice my pull ups.

I  stopped there yesterday too. I haven’t done pull ups for weeks and weeks, so I wasn’t sure what to expect…

But yesterday I was able to do three, take a rest and then I managed two more… Full straight arms chins… Today I did two sets of three, and already they were stronger…

It was fun; and I was inspired by the athleticism of my training companions!

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