Fundación Cudeca “A special kind of caring”

Fundación Cudeca “A special kind of caring”

Main purpose:

  • To change the process of dying to a process of living. Although we cannot add days to life, in Cudeca we try to add quality of life to days through our “special kind of caring”.

Declaration of Vision. Cudeca Hospice undertakes to:

  • Become a reference in taking care of patients and their families by providing palliative care through a comprehensive programme of information, education and training services.
  • Develop holistic and innovative models in the treatment of physical and psycho-social symptoms caused by cancer and other chronic, progressive and advanced diseases, providing relief to suffering through clinical control of symptoms, physical rehabilitation, and complementary therapies of physical care, psychological, social spiritual and family support and seeking the highest comfort for patients and their family while respecting their personal autonomy.
  • Extending the philosophy, knowledge and skills of palliative care in our community by specialized training of professionals and volunteers and increasing the information given to patient families and the general public.
  • Contributing to the development and improvement of palliative care through research in coordination with other research centres of excellence.

Declaration of Mission. Cudeca Hospice undertakes to:

  • Offer high standards of palliative care to patients suffering from cancer and other advanced or terminal disease.
  • Offer support and advice to those who take care of patients throughout the illness, after it, and throughout the bereavement period.
  • Offer a personalized response to patients and family needs, both at home and in our Centre through our caring programmes.
  • Develop innovative therapies actively seeking to maintain patient dignity and autonomy so that they can have the highest quality of life in spite of the limitations of their illness.
  • Give care to everyone in need regardless of race or religion.
  • Develop training and research programmes that contribute to extend palliative care that assures a constant improvement.

Essential values:

  • Excellency – taking special care of the patient who suffers from cancer or other advanced or terminal disease, and their family, always being faithful to the philosophy of palliative care.
  • Solidarity – engagement with social needs in the framework of the charity mission.
  • Respect and integrity in the relationship with people and institutions (patients, family, volunteers, suppliers, collaborators, donors, sponsors, public or private supporters, etc.)
  • Transparency – to make sure that people are aware of our charity mission and

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