Monday December 11th 2017

Monday December 11th 2017

David, the manager of Ravilious guest house where I was staying, exclaimed at me going out in the conditions outside… I assured him I would be ‘fine’…

But I wasn’t! the weather was extreme and I was not dressed for it in any way! It was minus temperatures, windy, rainy and it snowed. My gloveless hands and be socked feet were freezing cold, and the icy wind seemed to blow right into the core of my body.

I decided to return after just 6.16 k and my hands were so cold I could not turn the key in the lock…


My original plans shifted today, which afforded me time to go to the gym, where I ran another 8.25 k in the warm and dry watching videos of pop songs in front of me.

I felt great and a man in the gym asked me…’Where are your shoes’? ‘I don’t have any’ – ‘How old are you?… I told him 58 and he said…

‘You are beautiful darling, well done… Well done’ 😀


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