Wednesday November 29th 2017

Wednesday November 29th 2017

We woke to thunder, lightening and pouring rain! but Spain needs rain… So it was a good thing.

We stopped to chat to Pablo before we stepped out into the downpour, which turned out to be a good things as the rain had abated somewhat by the time we set off…

It was deliciously delightful to run barefoot through the warm water running over the slick black tarmac and to hear the sound of the sea as we ran in the cloudy grey day.

Water water everywhere!! We covered just over 8k before returning to breakfast in a packed dining room… When it rains, time to go indoors for coffee and tostada!

Later on I ran again in the dark; the streets were still wet and the trees were dripping; but the evning was muggy and warm and I enjoyed jogging around the streets to cover another 8k…

I also called into the Lavandaria to collect our washing – which wasn’t ready… !

I have covered 65k in four days…


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