Tuesday October 24th 2017

Tuesday October 24th 2017

I set off before the sun had come over the mountains again, and daylight had not even reached us here. I rather like the privacy of running in the dark… And I am glad that light comes gently so as not to be too big a shock.

I wore my skinners socks, to protect both my little cut and because I couldn’t see where I was putting my feet… Added to which, it was pretty cold!

I love the mountain road, although I find the mountains hard work in many ways, I also love their softness and the light is indescribable, and always exciting to see the sun appear in such glorious triumphant fashion…

I covered 13k and was hungry for my breakfast!


I had seen some very steep steps by the side of the water pipe and decided that I would run to them and do a session racing up them….

Rather than write about the experience, this video says it all! I finished the day having covered a total of 15k

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